• Investing in Digital

    The purpose of Barn Star Ventures is to build a portfolio of digital business assets through acquisition, investment, and bootstrap building.

  • Our Model

    BSV invests time and capital to bootstrap our own ideas and to invest in the ideas of others. Barn Star Ventures was founded in August of 2012 by Matthew Klein.
    Matthew Klein

    I founded this company after 15 years of entrepreneurial pursuit to develop a portfolio of digital assets. Some I build, some I buy, some I invest time and money in exchange for an equity position.

Investment Focus

Our experience lies in digital media marketing and web application development. Our primary focus is in B2C web applications, mobile apps, e-commerce and social media.


Filling the Gaps

We can offer the following skills to start-ups and established businesses alike. We do so under a consulting capacity or under a mentoring capacity as we are always interested and available to help advance the cause of businesses.

Web Application Development

Design and development of web applications utilizing Wordpress or Drupal content management systems as a baseline for core functionality. Customization with PHP, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript.

Startup Identity Design

Getting off the ground quickly requires a resourceful approach to developing the look/feel of your brand. We leverage crowdsourcing to get started and customize based on requirements.

Digital Media Marketing

Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Online Media Planning & Buying, Social Media Marketing and Mobile Phone Marketing.

Monetization Strategies

Having a model for generating revenue means you can stay in business. We can help.